2011 Legislative Priorities

2011 Legislative Priorities

Oklahoma Women’s Coalition

On March 3, 2011, the Board of the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition voted unanimously to take a formal position on four bills in the state legislature this session. We are very excited about the influence we can have in passing these important bills.

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2011 Legislative Priority Bills are:

House Bill 1197 – Children of Incarcerated Parents Task Force (by Jeanie McDaniel)
This measure would establish a 24-member Children of Incarcerated Parents Task Force and seven subcommittees of the Task Force. The Task Force is to issue a report by January 1, 2012 which reflects the goals, outcomes, and recommendations of the subcommittees. The Task Force will also recommend to the Legislature measures that promote the safety and well-being of children whose parents are incarcerated. Click here to learn more about this bill.

House Bill 2131 -Sentencing Changes (by Kris Steele)
This measure would allow multiple sentences to be served concurrently unless dictated otherwise; sets qualifications for the Pardon and Parole Board members; requires parole recommendations to the Governor to be completed within 30 days (crimes of violence are exempted); lowers from 180 to 90 days the time an offender must be incarcerated before being considered for electronic monitoring and more. Click here to learn more about this bill.

House Bill 1270 – Health Education in Middle Schools (by Ann Coody)
This bill would create the Health Education for Middle Schools Act of 2011. Instructs schools districts, contingent upon funding, to teach health education in grades six, seven or eight. Units would include physical activity; nutrition; alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; behavioral health; oral health; environmental health; growth and development; injury prevention; bullying prevention and wellness. Click here to learn more about this bill.

House Bill 2135 – Local Control of Smoking Laws (by Kris Steele)
Would allow any governmental subdivision of the state to adopt and enforce policies related to tobacco products, second hand smoke and smoking as long as the policies are not less stringent than state law. give local control over tobacco bans. Currently cities in Oklahoma do not have the power to pass tougher ordinances. Click here to learn more about this bill.

HB 1197 and HB2131 address recommendations developed as part of our Oklahoma S/I/S/ Project (see http://oklahomasis.com/).

In the Meantime….What Can You Do?

Reach out to your legislator, if you have not done so this session. Give your House member a call at 405/521-2711 – and your Senator can be reached at 405/524-0126. Introduce yourself. Let them know that you’re interested and support the issues noted above and that you would like their support, as well.

We will keep you posted on any developments related to these and any other legislative issues that may arise this session.

he Coalition’s Advocacy Committee has met and wants to bring you up-to-date on the latest regarding these priority issues.  There have been some developments.