Legislative Priorities

A trusted voice…

The Oklahoma Women’s Coalition is a trusted voice on issues impacting Oklahoma women and girls. We look at programs, policies and bills that clearly impact women and girls at the state level and give our highest priority to bills that fall in our main issue areas of Health & Wellness, Alternatives to Incarceration, Violence Prevention & Response, and Economic Security. Bills that impact multiple issue areas receive higher priority in our selection process.

Please see our 2014 legislative priorities to learn about bills on which we are focusing our advocacy efforts.

In the meantime….what can you do?

Reach out to your legislator, if you have not done so this session. Give your House member a call at (405) 521-2711 and your Senator can be reached at (405) 524-0126. Introduce yourself. Let them know that you’re interested and support the issues noted above and that you would like their support, as well.

We will keep you posted on any developments related to these and any other legislative issues that may arise this session.