Issue Areas

In order to achieve its mission of improving the potential of Oklahoma women and girls, the Coalition has working committees that focus on health and wellness, alternatives to incarceration, violence, and economic security. Each committee:

  • Collects data, reviews studies and conducts research on their issue as it pertains to women and girls in Oklahoma.
  • Reviews bills and resolutions in the Oklahoma Legislature on their issue; identifies bills aligned with the Coalition’s mission; and makes recommendations on those bills and resolutions  to the Coalition’s Advocacy Committee.
  • Establishes working relationships with Oklahoma  experts on their issue.
  • Identifies Oklahoma organizations associated with their issue that support the Coalition’s mission and encourages collaboration.
  • Provides input to the Coalition’s board of directors as the board sets the Coalition’s agenda each year.
  • Identifies and develops recommendations on policies, programs, and initiatives related to their issue as these impact Oklahomans.

For rankings, studies, reports, statistical documents, etc  on each issue below, see our website page on RESOURCES. Below are the Coalition’s long range goals on issues impacting Oklahoma women and girls:

Health & Wellness
Improve the current status of women’s and girl’s health and access to healthcare.

Alternatives to Incarceration
Provide alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders and reduce the female incarceration rate from the highest in the nation to at-or-below the national average.

Violence Prevention & Response
Promote a culture of non-violence, support victims, and reduce the cycle of violence toward women and girls.

Economic Security
Promote economic security of girls and women across the life span.