Women’s FIRSTEP Success Story

In May of 2010, a 27 year old mother from a drug court in northeastern Oklahoma was referred to the OKC Metro Alliance, Inc. Women’s FIRSTEP recovery program.  This young woman had a history of selling methamphetamines. This history coupled with her drug use eventually led to losing custody of her 5 children who are [More...]

Women In Recovery

My name is Brandy Carter. I am the 7th of 9 children.  I have four ½ brothers, a ½ sister and three brothers. My first memories involve sexual abuse which began at 3 years old. At age 13 I told my mother about the sexual abuse. She didn’t do anything so I moved out. By [More...]

Incarceration Stories – Rhonda Bear

RHONDA BEAR is the Women in Transition Program Manager for Stand in the Gap. In her past, a longstanding drug addiction, attempted suicide, jail time, and dysfunctional family drama were writing Rhonda’s story. But with the help of her own Stand in the Gap family, Rhonda’s present and future tell a very different tale. Everything [More...]

Oklahoma judges say they are not to blame for the high number of incarcerated women.

 BY NOLAN CLAY | Published: April 10, 2011 on Newok.com   Many judges say they are not to blame for the high number of women who go to prison in Oklahoma. “I was a trial judge for 21 years. I sent a lot of women to prison, and there’s not one who didn’t deserve it,” said [More...]

Oklahoma sends more women to prison

Oklahoma sends more women to prison than any other state on a per capita basis and has for 14 of the past 15 years. It begs the question “Why?” During the next several months, Oklahoma Watch will join with other media partners in examining how we became “No. 1,” what it means to the children [More...]