Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition, both as an individual and as an organization.  Here’s how you can support our mission:


Be a Supporter

The Oklahoma Women’s Coalition has more than 1000 individual Supporters who participate in the Coalition’s efforts in the following ways:

  • Sign up for Our eNews updates to stay informed of the latest on Oklahoma Women’s Coalition news, featured projects, action alerts, and project success stories.
  • Provide support through a monetary donation
    It can be overwhelming to think about the many issues that need to be addressed in Oklahoma. We are #1 in incarcerating women, # 5 in child abuse deaths. Your support can go a long way in providing a long term solution to these problems, donate today.
  • Spread the message of the Coalition to help raise the potential of Oklahoma women and girls. More
  • Particapate in Coalition educational and advocacy events. More
  • Volunteer at Coalition events; donating time and/or services.  More
  • Advocate and spread awareness of public policy issues impacting women and girls. More
  • Reach out to lawmakers, newspaper editors
  • Host a house party designed to spread awareness to potential supporters.


Be a Partner

The Oklahoma Women’s Coalition has more than 40 Partners that are comprised of organizations that serve women and girls and/or care about the Coalition’s mission of raising the potential of Oklahoma women and girls.  These organizations work collaboratively with the Coalition in innovative partnerships designed to spread awareness of women’s and girls’ public policy issues and the meaningful work that is done to improve the status of women and girls in our state.  For more information on becoming a Partner, please contact us.

Because the Oklahoma Women’s Coalition is a 501c3, we do not accept donations from organizations directly associated with political parties, and we do not support candidates for public office.