Oklahoma ranks in the bottom 10 states in the nation for many key areas pertaining to the status of women, including:

50th – Women’s Health & Well-Being
50th – Incarcerated Women
48th – Women Murdered by Men
38th – Women’s Median Weekly Earnings

We are about to change that and we invite you to join us in the challenge! The Coalition is a statewide non-profit, nonpartisan association with organizational partners and individual supporters that represent more than 100,000 women and girls.

Our goal is to create meaningful systemic change, through education and advocacy, to improve the status of Oklahoma women and girls.  To accomplish our goal, we need individuals who will raise their voices in support of issues that affect all of us.

The organization’s primary focus is to support state legislation and policies that advance the Coalition’s mission. We are also committed to the development and dissemination of information on programs and issues important to women and girls. Imagine the influence we will have with our network of thousands of women from across Oklahoma! It is time for Oklahoma women to band together as ONE VOICE that will initiate positive change.

The Coalition will achieve its mission by focusing on the following issue areas:

Health & Wellness • Alternatives to Incarceration • Violence Prevention & Response • Economic Security

Coalition sub-committees for each of these topical areas are working diligently to identify specific issues that will benefit women and girls. The Coalition may serve as a conduit to connect organizations that are supporting similar issues, in addition to identifying specific legislation and/or policies to support.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we do not endorse or oppose candidates for public office or political parties. We seek to identify and promote bills and policies benefiting women and girls that can win support from Republican and Democratic members of the Oklahoma Legislature.