Become a Coalition Partner

The Oklahoma Women’s Coalition has more than 40 Organizational Partners comprised of organizations that serve women and/or girls and care about the Coalition’s mission of raising the potential of Oklahoma women and girls through education and advocacy.  These organizations work collaboratively with the Coalition in innovative partnerships designed to spread awareness of women’s and girls’ public policy issues and programs and the meaningful work that is done to improve the status of women and girls in our state.

To become an Organizational Partner, an organization annually completes and submits an OWC Partnership Agreement form, places one or more organization representatives on one of the Coalition’s seven issue committees or other working committee, and makes an annual donation to the Coalition.   Organizations are approved as a Partner by the OWC Board of Directors. The Partner’s donation is based upon the level of participation as listed below.

An annual donation of $100 includes the following:

1)     Partner is listed on the Coalition’s website as an Organizational Partner

2)     Partner will appear in the rotating Partner Spotlight on the Coalition’s home page

3)     Coalition will collaborate on advocacy issues to ensure a greater voice in the public policy realm

4)     Partner has the opportunity to participate in networking events

An annual donation of $250 includes all of the above in addition to:

5)     Coalition will include e-newsletter mentions of Partner’s upcoming events/projects, including website links

6)     Spread awareness of Partner’s mission and events via social media outreach

7)     Write and distribute joint press releases announcing collaborative efforts and events

8)     Coalition to provide a speaker on our issue areas and advocacy efforts at Partner events

An annual donation of $500 includes all of the above, as well as:

9)     Coalition will create a profile page containing information about the Partner, including a link to Partner’s website

10)  Coalition will provide a discounted cost for Coalition events

In addition to their donation and participation by their representatives on OWC committees, Organizational Partners are encouraged to:

1)     Attend at least two Coalition events during the year

2)     Co-host educational and advocacy events with the Coalition

3)     Spread the message of Coalition events and efforts via social media outreach

4)     Participate in joint press releases announcing collaborative efforts and events

5)     Reciprocal website and e-newsletter mentions

If you would like to become a Coalition Partner or renew your Coalition Partner membership, please fill out the following form and mail it to the office or scan and email it to Kimberly:

OWC Partnership Agreement Form