Possible Early Parole For Spottedcrow

Patricia Spottedcrow, who was originally sentenced to twelve years in prison for selling $31 worth of marijuana in 2009, has been recommended for parole by the OK Pardon and Parole board. In 2011, after gaining support from citizens, a Kingfisher County judge reduced her sentence by four years. However, many advocates of Ms. Spottedcrow still believed the sentence was too harsh. The board recommendation will now go before Governor Mary Fallin, who has 30 days to approve or deny the recommendation. The board recommends Ms. Spottedcrow attend substance abuse treatment and counseling. You can read more about the case by clicking here.  To watch a video of Patricia Spottedcrow descibing her life in prison, click here.

Oklahoma has the highest rate of female incarceration per capita of any developed nation in the world. If you wish to contact Gov. Mary Fallin regarding the  Spottedcrow pardon, you can contact her office by clicking here.